Manage your Registered .bnb Domains

After registering for .bnb names. You can click on your profile picture on the top right corner to see and edit all your .bnb Domain registrations. SPACE ID currently supports the following functions:

Set Primary SPACE ID name

After connecting to SPACE ID Mainnet, if your account address is the record address of one or multiple .bnb Domains, you can use one of those .bnb Domains to be your primary SPACE ID name, which can represent your BNB Chain address and act as your cross-platform Web3 username and profile. You can only have one primary .bnb Domain Name per account and can change it at any time. To change your primary SPACE ID name, simply click “Change” on the top left corner under the traditional address.


Every domain has a registrant. Registrant indicates the owner of a .bnb Domain Name registration. Only registrant can transfer the ownership of a domain registration.
Click “Transfer”, and fill the address that you want to transfer the ownership to.

Edit record address

The traditional address in the record is the corresponding address after the .bnb domain name is resolved by resolver. It is also the address that you actually interact with when you use it with our partners that have integrated with SPACE ID .bnb Domain Name Service.
For example, when you transfer assets to arton.bnb on Math Wallet, the assets are transferred to the traditional address in the record.
Click “Edit” to edit the record address for your domain name registration.

Expand the registration period

You can expend you .bnb Domain Name registration anytime during the registration period and within 90 days after it expires, which is 90-day grace period. During the grace period, the domain name will be reserved only for its previous registrant to expand its registration. After the grace period, the name will not be reserved and will be open to the public to register.
To expand the registration, click “Expand” to make the change.