SPACE ID Grant Program

The blockchain realm thrives on innovation. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the SPACE ID Grant Program, a long-term funding initiative designed to support and enrich the blockchain community. Our goal is to empower developers and entrepreneurs to launch innovative projects and spread your visions with us. Through this program, we aim to facilitate the growth of the blockchain community and advance the frontier of blockchain technology.

This will be a long-term program for eligible projects. Project selection and grant distribution will occur every two to four weeks, providing developers and entrepreneurs with the flexibility they need to concentrate on their projects. Read on to learn more details about the program.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the program, all participating projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Be based on / supports either BNB Chain, Arbitrum One / Nova, Sei or Injective Network

  • Have integrated SPACE ID Web3 Name SDK, domains (.bnb / .arb / .sei / .inj / .manta) powered by SPACE ID, other forthcoming TLDs empowered by our infrastructure, or build on top of SPACE ID ecosystem

  • Have a fully functional mainnet version that is publicly available for everyone to use

Categories and Tracks

The SPACE ID Grant Program has two categories for projects:

  1. Domain integration: Integrate Web3 Name SDK, Web3 domains with SPACE ID SDK / API.

  2. Building on top of the SPACE ID Ecosystem: Launch innovative DApps that support SPACE ID web3 domains (including .bnb, .arb, .sei, .inj, .manta, and other forthcoming TLDs empowered by our infrastructure), deploy deeper DID integrations, improve domain utilities and find new use cases, etc.

There are five tracks available for applicants to apply:

  • Wallet Track: Improves asset transfer & account UX through domains. MPC or smart contract wallets with Account Abstraction capabilities are especially encouraged.

  • DApps Track: A decentralized web or cross-chain application that supports the use of memorable Web3 domains instead of wallet addresses.

  • Gaming Track: An entertaining application that integrates domains to improve UX.

  • Tooling Track: Web3 tools or infrastructure related to domains (e.g. search on-chain data via domains).

  • CEX Track: Support asset deposit / withdrawal through domains.

Process of Application

The 1st season of project submission: May 9th — July 31st, 2023

The 2nd season of project submission: August 2nd — September 30, 2023

The 3rd season of project submission: October 16th — December 31st, 2023

The 4th season of project submission: January 5th — July 5th, 2024

The application process for the SPACE ID Grant Program is simple and straightforward. Once developers have completed the integration or launched a project on top of the SPACE ID ecosystem, you can submit an application for review. The applicants need to prepare all the relevant information and data about their project and fill out the submission form. If you encounter any issues during the process, you can contact our CM @nilah_double on Telegram.

Note: If you plan to build a DApp specific to SPACE ID domain users, and your project is not yet live, please make sure that your product plan is fully developed and that you have prepared the necessary materials before submitting the project via the form.

Integration Process Guide / Support

The SPACE ID Grant Program provides complete developer documentation and technical support to help developers integrate with the SPACE ID Protocol. Technical documentation is available to guide developers in integrating with the SPACE ID Web3 domains using SDK / API. If you are facing any technical problems, feel free to contact SPACE ID team on telegram: @nilah_double, we’d be glad to offer technical support from SPACE ID dev team. We are excellent at helping teams with techniques to improve design, originality, and user experience.

Moreover, the SPACE ID Grant Program offers a monthly Mentor AMA session, featuring experts who provide valuable insights and tips on SPACE ID domain implementation and deployment in web3 DApps.

Assessment Criteria and Judging

Submitted projects will be evaluated by the SPACE ID core team based on the following criteria:

  • Daily Active Users: The number of users who actively engage with the project on a daily basis.

  • Integration Utility: The usefulness of the integration to users, with a focus on applications in gaming, wallet, social, DeFi, and other relevant areas.

  • Integration Strength: The level of integration with SPACE ID, including its ability to resolve, reverse-resolve, support embedded registration, appear on leaderboards, provide chat functions, and display on marketplaces, among other features.

The SPACE ID Grant Program uses the above metrics to evaluate projects based on their respective tracks. For instance, for wallets, the program considers the number of unique total wallets created and the total wallet downloads, while for gaming DApps, it considers the number of users registered and daily active users.

Grant Allocation

SPACE ID Grant Program Season 3 is happening right now, and it provides a wide range of grant, which depends on the project’s popularity and the kind of utility it provides for SPACE ID domain holders. After the integration or the project is complete, the program evaluates each submission on a case-by-case basis, allowing a more personalized and thorough evaluation process for each submission.

The funding mechanism for the Grant Program will go through the SPACE ID DAO governance process.

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