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SPACE ID Mission

Building on BNB Chain, SPACE ID is a universal name service network that seamlessly connects people, information, assets, and applications in the digital world. It is chain-agnostic, decentralized, censorship-resistant, and open-sourced.

Why a universal name service

There is no secret to the fact that social interactions have been the root cause for the latest internet boom. People want identity interactions, they want to be recognized: display their names in leaderboards, chat windows, wallet holdings, NFT listings, etc. They want to interact with people, and not addresses, to become a brand themselves.
But, to make this all work efficiently, we need a universal identifier, working across all chains.
Today, you have multiple identities and multiple usernames across many different applications and blockchains. You have your legal name, email address, Twitter handle, a BNB Chain and Solana address, etc.
Universal identification of resources can help dApps achieve much better interoperability and flexibility. Your SPACE ID (SID) will be more than just a name, it is also your multi-chain identity in the metaverse: trade cryptos, lend tokens, mint NFTs, and buy tickets or even homes in the future highly decentralized world easier by using only one ID.

Challenges with current Domain Services:

  • Segregated and limited within a unique blockchain
  • Zero-width issues
  • The connector between blockchain identifiers often lacks decentralization
  • Complex registration system
  • Mixing of user & brand domains
  • Arduous integration for protocols
  • Limited to only being a name service

Solve them with SPACE ID (SID)

In SPACE ID, we believe that the core of Web3 is to become the gateway between decentralized identities and the physical/digital world, and the key is finding solutions to the challenges that all the current Domain Services are facing. Therefore, the main theme of SID is constructed around these properties:

Feature 1: Universal Domain

  • Build your brand: Most certainly, we’re heading into a multi-chain future. The day a single-blockchain user wishes to secure the same identity on different blockchains where that name is already taken, they lose on their personal brand. With SID, this will never be a problem as you will have a unique identity to all chains.
  • Superior naming layout: Domain extensions like .eth or .com are from the past and only work for protocols aiming to stop at being a name service; SID is more than that. As it will be a multichain name service aggregator, we need a more encompassing structure, along with a way to separate Top-Level Domains from User domains. Say hello to the colon “:” XX: for TLDs and :XX for Users.
  • Simplify interactions: No need to double-check your address again. On SPACE ID, Allen’s username, :Allen, can be linked with his identity across multiple blockchains. You’ll be :Allen on BNB, :Allen on Ethereum, and :Allen on Cosmos.
  • Connect your identifiers: SPACE ID also lets you connect your identities from the Web2 world. Your Twitter handle, email address, Github account.

Feature 2: Customized Top-Level-Domains

  • Unique usernames for communities: Even when you have your universal identifier, it doesn’t mean you don’t need multiple identities in different communities though; having the choice, is what matters. Therefore, SPACE ID supports customized TLDs in the form of BAYC: or ETH: which the latter would be the equivalent of .eth.
  • Seamless NFT integration: A quick example to better illustrate this: let’s say BAYC wants to airdrop more $APE coins to their holders, all they have to do is send funds to all the BAYC:XX subdomains. You do not have to know their other aliases or even their universal name, it will automatically be sent to the owner address of BAYC:XX.
  • Combination of TLDs & multi-chain: There are many advantages to combining TLDs and a multi-chain domain service. If a universal domain is set to :Allen, he can also set his identities to:
    • BAYC:001
    • ETH:Allen (allen.eth)
    • BNB:Denali (denali.bnb)
    • On Twitter, if that user is @Allen, well then he could use Twitter:Allen as one of his domain to interact with as well. And since everything is tied up together this way, it also means a user can send crypto on the Solana Blockchain, to a .bnb domain.

Feature 3: One SDK for All

  • Fast implementation: To corner a market, we not only need features that support users, but also that support partners. It is through their integrations that our product can really grow and reach new eyes and use cases. This is why the integration of the SPACE ID SDK will only take 30 minutes.
  • Name service aggregator: Not only does integrating our SDK only takes 30 minutes, but SPACE ID has TLDs that can be used to resolve other domains and name services. This means developers only have to integrate our SDK in order to have integrated with all the other main name services out there. No more having to integrate more than one name service while having to keep an eye open on new name services to stay relevant.

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