SPACE ID Premier Club

There is no doubt that Web3 represents deeper decentralization, empowerment, and inclusivity. The world can feel this radical shift, and so does SPACE ID. As pioneers in this wave, we understand the importance of fostering a strong and vibrant community to bring out the best in Web3. The revolution is ultimately led by the dedication and passion of individuals sticking to the game plan. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce that, here comes the dawn of the Web3 Alpha community — introducing SPACE ID Premier Club! The vision is to unite holders of premium domains under SPACE ID, creating a collective force where ideas flourish, opportunities abound, and each member embodies the essence of Web3 and digital identities.

Are you the proud owner of premium domains (3/4-character .bnb/.arb domains) under SPACE ID? If so, you are now officially a part of our Web3 Alpha community, and we need your passion to become the representation of the face for Web3 and digital identities. In return, we have prepared some special airdrops for you, with more exclusive benefits to come in collaboration with SPACE ID ecosystem partners in the future, as well as the $ID staking feature to unlock further rewards.

See you in the Web3 Alpha Community, AKA SPACE ID Premier Club!

Eligibility for SPACE ID Premier Club

Users that own one or more 3-character or 4-character .bnb/.arb domains will automatically gain the membership of SPACE ID Premier Club.

Check out SPACE ID Premier Club:

Premium Domain Holding: Your Ticket to Premier Club Rewards

Your premium domain holdings (3/4-char .bnb/.arb) are the key to accessing future Premier Club Rewards. The value of your premium domains is the primary factor determining your allocation. The more valuable your domains are — determined by their registration cost and time to expiration — the higher your rewards will be.

$ID Staking to Boost your Premier Club Benefits

By staking $ID tokens, members can further unlock Boosters that amplify your Premier Club Rewards.

The Booster system comes in three tiers, each unlocking a higher Booster Value:

  • Tier 1: Activate by staking 100 $ID

  • Tier 2: Unlocked by staking 500 $ID

  • Tier 3: Reach the top by staking 2,000 $ID

Note that you need to stake at least 100 $ID to unlock the Tier 1 Booster, and staking more than 2,000 $ID won’t give you additional benefits.

$ID staking is now enabled on the BNB Chain. You can stake and withdraw at any time without any lock-up, while your staking amount over time will be tracked by future snapshots.

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