SPACE ID Cosmic Council

Introducing Cosmic Council, a contributor program for the SPACE ID community.

If you’re passionate about contributing to the advancement of SPACE ID and the Web3 industry, or have a unique skill set in Web3, marketing, development, language, or other relevant areas, we want you be a part of Cosmic Council!

At SPACE ID, we value collaboration and community building. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of this program, which is now open to everyone. As a contributor, you’ll be able to streamline your experience stepping into the SPACE ID community and shine with a bigger role.

Who You Are

As a contributor, you are an individual who is passionate about SPACE ID and eager to get more involved with the development of the SPACE ID ecosystem. You are currently engaging and networking with others in the Web3 community and have a unique skill set in Web3, community building, marketing, development, languages, or other relevant areas.

But more importantly, you do not need to submit an application or form to join the contributor program. You are free to join and start anytime in our Discord.

What You’ll Do

To become a contributor, simply react on an emoji in the ‘get-roles’ channel to get a new role called “Cosmic Recruit” and access the contributor program category on SPACE ID discord. Once you are in, you will see three different guilds in the program:

  • Community Guild: for onboarding newcomers, helping fellow members, community events.

  • Marketing Guild: for external brand promotion, informative social media content.

  • Research Guild: for keeping the community educated, sharing exciting Web3 happenings.

You don’t need to assign yourself to any task, just submit your contribution on the specific and corresponding channel. In time, we will be manually selecting members who continuously contribute to SPACE ID in a high quality manner, and reward them with the Tier II contributor role called ‘Cosmic Astra’.

The selection process for Cosmic Astra depends entirely on the SPACE ID team, and there is no specific timeline in which a role may be given.

What You’ll Earn

As a SPACE ID contributor, you’ll have access to a wide range of resources and benefits, including:

  • Unique opportunity to become a Space Nova for support, guidance, and opportunities in SPACE ID.

  • Kickstart your Web3 career with hands-on experience and make your name known in the SPACE ID and Web3 industry.

  • Opportunities to connect with creators, developers, and key members of our community.

  • Official support or funds from the SPACE ID team when organizing online or offline events.

  • Limited, unique badges and SPACE ID swag.

How You Can Contribute

Depending on the different guilds, we will share general contribution directions as to how you can contribute. The possibilities are endless, depending on your background and skills. We’ll also listen and support initiatives that you think can benefit the SPACE ID community.

You do not need to pick a specific guild you can contribute to. You are able to contribute to all of the guilds if you wish to do so!

At SPACE ID, we believe that collaboration and community building are key to building a better future. Join our contributor program today and help us shape the future of the Web3 industry!

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