Looking to register a new Web3 domain name with ease? Look no further than SPACE ID 2.0. The platform offers a simple and efficient way to register domain names across all TLDs supported by the SPACE ID 2.0 ecosystem (Currently .eth, .bnb, .arb name service).

To register for an unregistered Web3 Domain, first make sure your connected wallet is on the same chain as the domain you want to register, and click on the name. You can then start your registration process right away by clicking the “Register” button on top right corner of the pop-up window, or click “View in full page” to be redirected to the detailed info page of the domain.

In the domain info page, all the related information will be displayed, such as past activities, character set, etc. Click “Register now” to start your registration.

The registrar requires two transactions (Request and Register) to register a name. Once you're in the 'Request' stage, select the number of years you want to register this domain for. The price will change based on how many registration years you want to add to this domain, and the total estimated price will also include the gas fee. The minimum duration for the registration period is 1 year.

Click the 'Request' button, which will prompt a transaction. It takes couple secons to get the request confirmed. Once the request is confirmed, you can go to the registration window.

On the registration window, click on the 'Register' button to proceed. You will be prompted to pay the fee to register your domain. After the 'Register' transaction is complete, you have successfully register for a Web3 domain on SPACE ID 2.0!

To streamline the registration process, SPACE ID 2.0 also features a convenient shopping cart system. This allows you to add multiple domains to your cart and register them all at once, with the least amount of effort!

The shopping cart system is flexible enough to accommodate different TLDs from different chains. However, keep in mind that you can only register domains on the same chain at a time. If you need to register domains from a different chain, simply switch it by clicking the blockchain sign next to the shopping cart button.

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