Once you've secured your Web3 name on SPACE ID 2.0, managing it is a breeze. Simply click on your profile image in the top right corner, and select "My Domains" to access and edit all your registered domain names. Note that SPACE ID 2.0 currently supports .eth, .bnb, and .arb names.

In the "My Domains" page, you can sort your registered domains by specific TLDs, status, domain length, expiration date, and more. Select a domain, change to the corresponding network, and click "View in Full Page" to access the domain info page. From there, you can transfer ownership, edit the record address, and extend your domain registration.

Set Primary SPACE ID name

On SPACE ID2.0, your account address can serve as the record address for one or multiple Web3 domains. You can use one of these domains as your primary name on the corresponding blockchain network. You can only have one primary name per network, but you can change it at any time.

To change your primary name, simply go to "My Domains" and click the edit buttons in the "Primary Names" section located in the top right corner.

You must set the record address for your domain before you can make it your primary domain.


Every domain has a registrant. Registrant indicates the owner of a Web3 name registration. Only the registrant can transfer the ownership of a domain registration.

To transfer ownership, access the domain info page, click "View Details / Records," and select "Transfer" to fill in the address of the new owner.

Edit record address

The traditional address in the record is the corresponding address after a Web3 name is resolved by the resolver. It is also the address that you actually interact with when you use it with our partners that have integrated with the supported name services.

For example, when you transfer assets to arton.bnb on Trust Wallet, the assets are transferred to the traditional address in the record.

To edit the record address, access the domain info page, click "View Details / Records," and select "On" in the Records section to edit the record address on the corresponding network for your domain name registration.


You can extend your domain registration anytime during the registration period and within 90 days after it expires, which is 90-day grace period. During the grace period, the domain name will be reserved only for its previous registrant to expand its registration. After the grace period, the name will not be reserved and will be open to the public to register.

To extend your domain registration, access the domain info page, click "View Details / Records," and select "Extend" to make the change.

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