.bnb Name Service

What is .bnb Name Service?

The .bnb Name Service is a SPACE ID Name Service that provides the first BNB Chain name.With .bnb names, everyone can experience the following features in the BNB Chain ecosystem:

  • Register for .bnb domains to level up the traditional BNB Chain addresses.

  • Users will have the domain NFTs which represent the ownership of the domain name.

  • Set custom records to your .bnb domains to enjoy an easier user experience with thousands of dApps in the BNB Chain ecosystem.

The Standard BNB Chain Domain Identifier

We take the word "standard" seriously.

It's important for your ID to be easily recognizable throughout the space, and the .bnb Domain Name Service accomplishes just that. It has integrated with over 100 leading projects and protocols, including BSCScan and Trust Wallet. With support from these partners, you can use your .bnb names to send funds, swap tokens, or buy NFTs across applications.

A Fundamental Optimization for Registration Process

The BNB Domain Name Service is built on the foundation of ENS. ENS is cool and all, but all of the technical design on ENS is based on the condition of Ethereum MainNet. SPACE ID, regarding this aspect, has taken a huge leap with the user experience. The search and registration process for the end-users is much more simplified and intuitive. With the multi-chain oracle of SPACE ID and EIP712 signature distributor, users can register a BNB Domain Name with only one click. There will be no more one-minute wait time during the registration process. From the name search to a successful registration on the BNB chain, it will take less than 1 minute and less than $10 on average.

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