SPACE ID Referral Program

What is .bnb referral program?

SPACE ID Referral program is a comprehensive system dedicated to leading our community to the next level: when your friends or your community register for .bnb domains using your referral link, you can now receive up to 15% of the invitees’ registration fees.

The commission rate is affected by the quantity of invitees.

See below for the detailed referral rules.

Set primary name is a prerequisite for getting the referral link.

Besides, we’re offering an exclusive referral rate to projects, communities and integration partners. If interested, please dm the SPACE ID team on Telegram (@Arton07 and @Nilah_double)

Referral Program Rules (MUST READ)

  • Setting primary name is a prerequisite. If users haven’t set the primary name, they can not generate referral links or receive any referral commissions.

  • The record addresses of the inviters’ .bnb Domains will receive the commissions after the invitees complete the domain registrations.

  • The number of invitations is permanently recorded on the domain name and is on-chain, regardless of the owners, sales or expirations.

    • Example 1: User A previously had allen.bnb with 700 domain invitations completed, and User B bought it from the marketplace and set allen.bnb as the primary name, then User B could get the 15% as the commission from each registration with allen.bnb referral link. However, User A starts to use allen123.bnb as the primary name which has 0 domain invitations, then User A gets 5% as the commission from each registration by allen123.bnb referral link.

    • Example 2: User A previously owned arton.bnb with 700 domain invitations. User B bought it from the marketplace and did NOT set arton.bnb as the primary name (the record address of arton.bnb is still user A’s address), then User B can NOT get the 15% commission from each registration by the arton.bnb referral link, while User A can still receive 15% as the commission if the record address of arton.bnb hasn’t been changed.

  • Commission = Commission rate * Registration fees paid with BNB. If the invitee registers the domain using gift cards, the part of the registration fees paid with SPACE ID Points will not be counted into the commission.

Step 1:

Go to and connect with your wallet. You can access your referral page by clicking “Referral” after clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner.

Step 2:

Your referral link will be generated automatically only after you set your primary name. You can share this link with invitees directly or on Twitter.

You can also invite friends by sharing the QR code image by clicking the “QR” button.

If you haven’t set your primary name, you will NOT be able to get the referral links.

To set your primary name:

  • Click on your profile image, and select "My Domains" from the dropdown menu.

  • Click the edit buttons in the "Primary Names" section located in the top right corner and set it up.

Understand your referral profile

Referral stats

Referral stats are on the right side of the referral profile. It indicates the referral level and the corresponding commission rate.


You will receive a certain percentage of the invitees’ registration fees when the invitees register for domains using your referral link as the commission.

The commission rate is correlated to the number of invitees (The number of users that a .bnb Domain holder invites and complete the registration). Your commission rate is shown next to the “Inviter’s earning”.

At the bottom of the referral profile page, you can see your total commission that hasn’t been withdrawn.

Your Referral link will be generated automatically and can be copied, shared with a QR code, or shared directly on Twitter.


You can withdraw your commission to your wallet anytime.

You can also view the “withdrawal history” by clicking the icon beside the “withdraw” button.

For new users, once you clicked other people’s referral links, you will be redirected to this page.

Every new user will receive a locked Voyage Box. To unlock it, please register a .bnb/.arb name and set it as the primary name. Click "Register".

Follow this tutorial to learn how to register for a web3 Domain.

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