Web3 Name SDK

Streamline digital identity integration with SPACE ID's all-in-one Web3 Name SDK and API, empowering developers with simplicity, scalability, and game-changing potential. One SDK for all has always been one of the main features of SPACE ID to support all web3 dApps. It is ultimately designed to be a unified and streamlined approach that greatly simplifies the integration of web3 services, eliminating the need for developers to work with multiple protocols, saving time and reducing the risk of compatibility issues. Web3 Name SDK includes a suite of features and functionalities designed to facilitate domain name resolution and reverse resolution. This comprehensive SDK is equipped to support various top-level domains (TLDs) like .eth, .lens, .crypto, .bnb, .arb, and the verified domains that are launched through the SPACE ID Toolkit (check the full list). Additionally, it dynamically supports new TLDs as they are verified, ensuring seamless integration for domain name resolution and reverse resolution.

For example, suppose you have integrated Web3 Name SDK, allowing it to support .bnb domain resolution on BNB Chain. When a new TLD, such as .allen, is launched on SPACE ID and subsequently verified, the SDK will automatically extend its capabilities to include .allen domain name resolution. This process requires no additional upgrades or development costs, streamlining domain management for developers and users.

Notably, the Web3 Name SDK also accommodates domain names associated with blockchains outside the EVM, such as .sei, .inj, and .sol.

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